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A birthday or a meeting with amig@s and/or family arrives and you have to organize the celebration. Or you are in the HR department of a company and you have been entrusted with the arduous task of coordinating your company’s corporate event, what do we do? The complex task of finding restaurants and group menus that suit the needs of tod@s attendees begins.

What are the main factors to consider when choosing the most appropriate restaurant and group menus for tod@s?

Without capacity, there is nowhere to scratch. The first thing is to make sure if the restaurant has enough capacity to accommodate the group. You don’t want to love the proposal and in the end you realize that it’s not possible due to lack of space. So remember, make sure the restaurant has the right capacity for your needs.

Do you want your event to be held in a more intimate space? In this case, you have to make sure that the restaurant you are going to choose has private rooms, and if so, that it can accommodate the whole group.

Another important factor is location. It is a plus that it can be easily reached by public transport and thus avoid taking the car. Because we already know that we have many chances to drink a beer, glass of wine and/or cava to toast. And you know, if you drink, don’t drive. In addition, we must promote public transport, so that we do not favour increasing pollution. And for teetotalers and/or more comfortable, it is also essential that you can park easily in the surroundings or have your own parking.

It is also essential that you offer balanced and varied group menus, containing fish, meat, vegetables… It is also necessary to take into account people who are allergic to certain foods, intolerances and vegetarians/vegans or other dietary requirements, and that the chosen restaurant is able to adapt to the dietary needs so that tod@s can enjoy the evening.

Some people are more price sensitive than others. We have to look out for the common good and see how far we can afford. You don’t have to go overboard tacañ@ and be served pre-cooked and/or frozen dishes. The key is in the balance, choosing an average price, ensuring that you will eat quality accompanied by a professional service rodead@ an environment according to the tastes of the group.

Last but not least, the restaurant’s ratings also come into play. It is true that at the beginning we declared war on them, literally, as we were not used to being judged so openly and, truth be told, no one likes to be criticized. But it is true that it is a source of information to learn from mistakes, correct behaviors to improve the experience of l@s customers who visit us. Of course, as long as they are constructive and polite criticism, please, haters no thank you 🙂

Abrassame has many advantages to make your lunch and/or dinner a success. We have capacity for large groups, private rooms, panoramic views, harmonious group menus adapting to all the necessary food requirements, central location, even with a direct metro stop, the possibility of parking the car in the car park offering the first hour free and the rest at €1.00 per hour and, in addition, we enjoy numerous positive reviews. Abrassame is a safe bet with which you will surely look divine with the rest of invitad@s.

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